RiverPark Long/Short Opportunity seeks long-term capital appreciation while managing downside volatility by investing long in equity securities that RiverPark Advisors, LLC, the Fund's investment adviser believes have above-average growth prospects and selling short equity securities the Adviser believes are competitively disadvantaged over the long term. The Fund expects to invest primarily in the securities of U.S. companies, but it may also invest outside the U.S. The Fund is an opportunistic long/short investment fund. The Fund's investment goal is to achieve above average rates of return with less volatility and less downside risk as compared to U.S. equity markets.


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Mitch Rubin
Mitch Rubin

Our Portfolio Manager

Mitch Rubin

J.D., CFA, Co-CIO, and Managing Partner of RiverPark Advisors, LLC

Mitch Rubin serves as the Portfolio Manager for the RiverPark Large Growth Fund and Portfolio Manager for the RiverPark Long/Short Opportunity Fund. After a brief career as a practicing attorney, Mitch has held various positions as an analyst and portfolio manager. Prior to cofounding RiverPark in 2006, Mitch served as the portfolio manager for several investment strategies at Baron Capital.

Mitch holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from the University of Michigan in 1988 and a JD from Harvard Law School in 1991



Securities referenced herein are not meant to be an investment recommendation and may or may not be held in the Fund. Any opinion stated herein represents the speaker’s judgment at the time it was made and is subject to change without notice.



Inception date of the Fund was September 30, 2009.

Annualized Performance since inception of the Mutual Fund (3/30/2012) was 1.27% for RLSIX and 1.07% for RLSFX, as of quarter ending TBD.

Total returns presented for periods less than one year are cumulative, returns for periods one year and greater are annualized.

Expense Ratio: Institutional: 1.73% gross and 1.73% net, Retail: 2.03% gross and 2.00% net as of the most recent prospectus, dated January 26, 2022 as modified by the supplement thereto. The Gross Expense Ratio reflects actual expenses and the Net Expense Ratio reflects the impact of waivers or recaptures, if any.

The performance data quoted for periods prior to March 30, 2012 is that of RiverPark Opportunity Fund, LLC (the “Predecessor Fund”). The performance of the Predecessor Fund includes the deduction of actual fees and expenses, which were higher than the fees and expenses charged to the Fund. Although the Fund is managed in a materially equivalent manner to its predecessor, the Predecessor Fund was not a registered mutual fund and was not subject to the same investment and tax restrictions as the Fund

The performance quoted herein is net of all fees and expenses and represents past performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results. High short-term performance of the Fund is unusual and investors should not expect such performance to be repeated. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost, and current performance may be higher or lower than the performance quoted.

The Fund offers two classes of shares. Retail Class shares have a shareholder services fee of up to 0.25% per annum of average daily net assets. Institutional Class shares have no shareholder services fee. For more information, please see the prospectus.

RiverPark has agreed contractually to waive its fees and to reimburse expenses of the Fund, including expenses associated with the Fund’s shareholder services plan and administrative services plan, to the extent necessary to ensure that operating expenses (excluding acquired fund fees and expenses and extraordinary expenses) do not exceed, on an annual basis, 2.00% for the Retail Class Shares, 1.85% for the Institutional Class Shares. This agreement is in effect until at least January 31, 2023 and, subject to annual approval by the Board of Trustees of RiverPark Funds Trust, this arrangement will remain in effect unless and until the Board of Trustees approves its modification or termination or the Adviser notifies the Fund at least 30 days prior to the annual approval of its determination not to continue the agreement.


Long Holdings

As of TBD
Security Security Identifier % of Total Portfolio


Top 10 Short Holdings

Security Security Identifier % of Total Portfolio


Holdings Subject to change.

*The positions set forth above comprise all of the long equity positions and the top 10 short equity positions held by the Fund as of the date referenced. The percentage weightings represent the market value of each position (including the notional amount of any equity positions held through a swap and the delta-adjusted values of any options) divided by the net asset value of the Fund as of that date.

1The percentage weightings of GOOG reflect the Fund’s combined holdings of both Class A and Class C of this issuer’s equity securities.