RiverPark Strategic Income Fund - (RSIIX-Instl., RSIVX-Retail)


The Fund will be primarily invested in what we call Money-Good securities where the enterprise value of the issuing company, when valued using what Cohanzick believes to be conservative valuation metrics, exceeds the value of the senior and equally ranked debt of the considered investment. Therefore, although the Fund will invest in both investment grade and non-investment grade securities, we believe the risk of loss of principal due to permanent impairment is minimal.

Under Normal circumstances a majority of the Fund’s assets will be invested in securities that Cohanzick believes hold limited credit risk and provide above market yields. The Fund will also invest in securities of issuers experiencing credit stress that Cohanzick believes are protected from capital loss due to their priority in the issuer’s capital structure; are not widely-followed and/or are less liquid; present opportunities because of rising or falling interest rates; and opportunistically in asset backed securities, distressed securities and equities.

For further information on the sub-advisor, please visit www.cohanzick.com.

Our Portfolio Manager


David K. Sherman
David K. Sherman

David K. Sherman

Principal, Cohanzick Management, LLC

Cohanzick Management, LLC (Cohanzick) of Pleasantville, New York serves as the Sub-Adviser to the RiverPark Short Term High Yield Fund. David K. Sherman founded Cohanzick in 1996 and serves as the portfolio manager primarily responsible for the investment decisions of the Fund. Prior to founding Cohanzick, Mr. Sherman held various executive and director positions at Leucadia National Corporation and/or its subsidiaries.

Mr. Sherman holds a BS in Business Administration
from Washington University.